Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule, train ticket price & ticket booking

Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule

Sylhet is an important city in the north-east of Bangladesh. This is a fascinating tourist destination for travelers. Many domestic and foreign tourists visit the tourism season here. Along with roads and airways, there is communication between Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka and Sylhet railways.

Four trains of Bangladesh Railway travel from Dhaka to Sylhet route regularly. The trains are Parabat Express, Joyantika Express, Upaban Express and Kalani Express. The time of departure of trains, reaching and weekly closure is mentioned below-

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule

Train Name Off-day Departure Arrival
Parabat Express Tuesday 06:35 AM 01:20 PM
Joyantika Express No 12:00 PM 07:40 PM
Upaban Express Wednesday 09:50 PM 05:20 AM
Kalani Express Friday 04:00 PM 10:45 PM

Sylhet to Dhaka Train Schedule

Train Name Off-day Departure Arrival
Parabat Express Tuesday 03:00 PM 09:55 PM
Joyantika Express Thursday 08:40 AM 04:00 PM
Upaban Express No 10:00 PM 05:10 AM
Kalani Express Friday 07:00 AM 01:55 PM
Parabat Express

Parabat Express left Dhaka Kamlapur Railway Station for Sylhet at 6.35 am and reached Sylhet Railway Station at 1.20 pm. Again, the train left for Dhaka at 3.00 pm from Sylhet Railway Station. Parabat Express is closed on Tuesday of the week.

Joyantika Express

The train left at 12.00 pm from Dhaka Railway Station for Sylhet and left Sylhet at 8.40 am. Jyantika Express travels from Dhaka for seven days a week, but on Thursday the movement of Sylhet shut down on Thursday.

Upaban Express

The train travels on the Dhaka-Chittagong route during the night only. Upaban Express will depart from Dhaka at 9.50 pm and Sylhet from 10.00 pm. The train travels from Sylhet for seven days a week, but on Thursday the movement of Dhaka shut down on Thursday.

Kalani Express

This train runs on both routes six days a week except Friday. The train left Dhaka at 4.00 pm and Sylhet from 7.00 am.


Dhaka to Sylhet train ticket booking

To travel from Dhaka to Sylhet or Sylhet to Dhaka, train tickets will have to be purchased. Tickets will be collected from the scheduled counter from the railway station. Besides, train tickets for Dhaka-Sylhet route can be booked online through online. According to the rules of the Bangladesh Railway, ticket sales started from 10 days prior to the date of the journey. Due to the passenger pressure on the Dhaka-Sylhet route being high, it is better to buy the advance ticket.

Like other routes, trains of Dhaka-Sylhet route have different class seats. The train fares vary widely between seats. There is an air-conditioned seating area with common seats as well. Ticket price has been mentioned in the train that runs on Dhaka-Sylhet route below-

Dhaka to Sylhet and Sylhet to Dhaka Train Ticket Price

Train Name Shavon Shavon Chair First Seat First Birth Singdha A/C Seat A/C Birth
Parabat Express 320 425 610 736
Joyantika Express 265 320 425 736
Upaban Express 265 320 425 690 1149
Kalani Express 265 320 425

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