Saint Martin Island Bangladesh | St. Martin’s Tourism, Weather & Map

Saint Martin Island Bangladesh, St. Martin’s
 Saint Martin Island is a small island located in the south of the border of Bangladesh and the north-east part of the Bay of Bengal. It is located on the entire Bangladesh border. The only coral island of St. Martin in Bangladesh is located 120 km from Cox’s Bazar and 9 km from Teknaf. Myanmar’s terrain is seen from the St. Martin’s beach on the Naf River estuary. Saint Martin Island is one of the most interesting and popular tourist destinations in Bangladesh.
There is no specific information about when the Saint Martin Islands is detected, but some Arab merchants initially named the island as Zinzira. When the merchants traveled from Chittagong to south-east Asia, the island used to rest. During the British rule, it was renamed St. Martin’s Island after the name of Christian Saint Martin. Later on, which is known to everyone as Saint Martin Island.

Saint Martin island Area & Location Map

In 1890, some Bengali and Rakhine people settled on this island. As far as it is known, 13 families settled in the northern part of the island as the first inhabitants. At present, there are about 7,000 people on the island of St. Martin (According to the 2006 estimation). Most people live in the northern part of the island of St. Martin. The main occupation of this island is fishing and the main crop of rice and coconut. The island is locally known as Narikel Jinjira because there are plenty of coconut trees on the island of St. Martin.

Saint Martin island Area & Location Map (St. Martin)

The size of Saint Martin Island is 8 square kilometers, which is approximately 5.63 kilometers in length from north to south and 700 meters wide, somewhere 200 meters. There are countless rocks on the east, west and south sides of the island, from the beach to a great distance The average height of St. Martin’s Island from the sea level is 3.6 meters. Flat landscapes of the land of St. Martin is geographically divided into three parts. Uttarpara is called the northern part of the island, Galachipa is the middle part, and dakkhinpara is the southern part. There is a small island of 100 to 500 square meters in the south on the island of Stantatin, which is known as the Chera Dwip or the Cheradiya. This Chera Dwip (Island) is a very interesting place in St. Martin’s.


Weather and Tourism of Saint Martin island (St. Martin’s)

Natural beauty richness St. Martin’s Island is a popular tourist spot of Bangladesh. Proper time to travel to St. Martin’s Island from November to February of the year. During this time the weather and climate of this region is good. Especially during the winter, it is a good time to travel to the island of St. Martin Many domestic and foreign tourists visit Saint Martin every year during the season.The only way to go to St.Martine Island is the waterway. During the tourism season, every day five ships go to the island of Saint-Martin from Teknaf’s Dumdiamia Ghat. It takes 2 hours to reach Saint Martin Island from Teknaf through the waterway. There are some good hotels and resorts to stay in St. Martin’s Island. Most of the hotels and resorts of this island are located along the St. Martin beach. The law and order situation of St. Island is good. The people living on this island are hospitable. Thinking about the safety of the island, there is a Police outpost. There is also a station of Bangladesh Coast Guard.

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